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Moon Song

“I’m here,” said the Moon to the Earth below. The clouds and rain merely dull my glow. But no one can extinguish the light in my soul… I have an iron-strong spirit that shines like gold. I don’t give in … Continue reading

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You Know Who We Are

You know who we are. We are your neighbors. Your friends and your enemies. Your students and your teachers. Your bosses and your coworkers. Your soul mates and your lovers. Your spouses and your exes. We work with you, go … Continue reading

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Maybe Your Socks Are Too Damn Tight

Love hurts. It stinks. I’m better off without it. Done. No more for me. Sound like bitterness? Maybe. But it could be survival. Because the best way to remedy a situation that feels like drowning is to swim. And surviving … Continue reading

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“Raise the Glasses, Look Back, and Smile”

…thoughts from the past. I wrote this for the “Harris County Journal” January, 10 years ago. So you have to add a decade to every number. My dad passed away almost three years ago. But I continue to hear his strong, … Continue reading

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