Moonrise Over Her Shoulder


With the moonrise over her shoulder

And the sunset in her eyes,

She threw the pain to the past,

And flew to the open sky.

She had a picture in her mind

And a song in her heart.

Soaring above the land,

She looked for the missing part

That always eluded her

And escaped her view.

The thing she couldn’t remember.

But what she intuitively knew

Drove her to escape to

Find what she had lost.

Whatever it was,

At whatever the cost.

“Survival,” she said, “is what I want.

To fear no more and finally find

The thing that was taken long ago.

That strong, sure part of my mind

That kept me safe,

And I knew was mine.

That was stolen from me

When fate crossed the line.

But this time I’ll get there.

Cause I’m stronger than before.

The shadows are lifting

And I see more

Than the hole in my heart

And the fear that paralyzed.

I see the missing part

And the thing I realize

Was waiting here,

For me to come home,

And claim the very thing

That was always my own.

My life is mine.

And the pain is, too.

It is very, very real

But it will not do

What it has before.

It will not rule nor will it win.

I will look it in the eye

And stare it down again.

No shadow will hide

The truth I clearly see.

I am strong and safe

Because of me.”

With the moonrise over her shoulder

And the sunset in her eyes

She threw the pain to the past,

And flew to the open sky.


















About Pam Avery Printed

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1972 with a major in journalism (public relations) and a minor in business (marketing). My experience for the last 40 years includes working in the corporate world (banking), the newspaper industry (advertising design and sales), owning and selling a restaurant, restoring and utilizing several old buildings on the property, teaching private dance and drama lessons for 20 years, free-lance writing for a national textile firm, publishing two children’s books, and ghost writing a book. My last tour of duty before beginning the current chapter was working as a reporter, photographer, and columnist for five weekly community newspapers. And now I writing at Columbus State University in Columbus Ga. I consider myself very fortunate--I get to be around intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic young people. What a joy. I believe the written word is one of the most powerful tools known to humankind. And now we have the ability to reach millions with a simple click of the mouse. Wow.
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4 Responses to Moonrise Over Her Shoulder

  1. Margaret N Vollarth says:

    A beautiful poem; the part that disturbs me are the lines: “I am strong and safe

    Because of me.” You have previously described how faith in your own strength has failed you in the past. This is normal. We all fall short under our own efforts. I am reminded of the children’s song, “Jesus Loves Me”. You probably remember it from your childhood; but maybe not. I tend to assume that everybody had my own experiences. In case you didn’t experience this song in your childhood – it continues “Jesus Loves Me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” My husband and I went to the Georgia National Fair yesterday in Perry. I ran across a tee shirt with the following: “Jesus Knows Me, This I Love”. This says it all for me.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. says:

    Ah, Pam: Inspiration!

    Thanks for always sharing.

    Jean PH: 478-244-0880

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