Harmony Light

It’s worse than ever…our suspicion of one another, our fear of one another, and our hatred for one another.

Those who could make a difference fan the flames. Those who profit from the division rake in the profits.

You’d think we would learn from our mistakes. Or at least  listen to the prophets, past and present, who remind us that our perceived differences are just that — perceived.

But, no. We continue down the road of persecution and self-destruction.

I wrote this poem over 20 years ago and I share it in honor of the lawmakers — especially those in my home state of Georgia — who insist on passing laws that condone discrimination.

And I can also say without hesitation, shame on all of you. May you reap exactly what you sow.


Harmony Light

A trillion stars that always shine

The light they are and never whine

About the cloud or moon nearby

That has a shape, a glow, a line,

That puts them in a different place

On the dark and vast celestial face.

Knowing that each in its own way

Will add to the beauty of night and day.

Never competing to be the best,

But shine in harmony with the rest –

To create a picture of beautiful light

That cries silent tears, while we wage the fight.

Fretting over and doubting those near

Whom we don’t understand and choose to fear.

Not stopping to listen to the song

That the silent heavens have sung for so long.

They never compete to be the best,

But shine in harmony with the rest.

Star, cloud, moon, and light –

Different shapes and lines in the night.

Content to be in their own special place

On the dark and vast celestial face.


About Pam Avery Printed

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1972 with a major in journalism (public relations) and a minor in business (marketing). My experience for the last 40 years includes working in the corporate world (banking), the newspaper industry (advertising design and sales), owning and selling a restaurant, restoring and utilizing several old buildings on the property, teaching private dance and drama lessons for 20 years, free-lance writing for a national textile firm, publishing two children’s books, and ghost writing a book. My last tour of duty before beginning the current chapter was working as a reporter, photographer, and columnist for five weekly community newspapers. And now I teach...media writing at Columbus State University in Columbus Ga. I consider myself very fortunate--I get to be around intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic young people. What a joy. I believe the written word is one of the most powerful tools known to humankind. And now we have the ability to reach millions with a simple click of the mouse. Wow.
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5 Responses to Harmony Light

  1. Ellouise Connolly says:

    Beautifully written…a lovely poem…..but I fear some of our lawmakers don’t want harmony with anyone who is different…You should mail this post to everyone of our lawmakers.

  2. Judy Jenks says:

    Thank you, Pam. Spot on, as always. How do they live with themselves?

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