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Call It What You Will – I Call It Divine

My brother and sister-in-law were at my house in no time. They were shaken but, as always, steady. Shortly after they arrived, Maurine’s phone rang. I could hear my niece’s excited voice. “Hold on,” said my sister-in-law. “Let me get something to write with.” She picked … Continue reading

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What Couldn’t Happen, In Fact, Happened

I almost never go to town on Tuesday mornings. But the printer ran out of ink, and there was no way I could follow the statistics lesson plan that evening without hard copies of the handouts. “Damn it,” I thought aloud. “Why didn’t … Continue reading

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Joanna’s Request

It’s the morning after. And that phrase has many connotations. I am referring, however, to the morning after the end to a very long, often divisive and hostile Presidential campaign. Whether your team won or not, I would like to share Joanna’s … Continue reading

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