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Orange Crush Makes A Mess…And I’m Not Talkin’ About The Drink

Google Trends  was our assignment for JRL7330 this week…that’s my Social Media Theory and Application class. So I log on to see what’s shaking and what topic would fit this blog, and… …Alas, alack: as I perused the topics, nothing snagged … Continue reading

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The Lowest-Paying Jobs, Ignorance, and Bovine Stress Relievers

I have a bad habit of choosing professions based on creative stimulation versus financial reward. In fact, this research data listed journalists twice in the top ten list of bad jobs in America…”bad” in the sense that these are the top … Continue reading

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Brother, This Is As Far As You Are Going…A Video

Things are rocking and rolling around here…two weeks to go in the semester and we all know what that means: crunch time for research papers, power point presentations, and final projects. Everything changes and everything stays the same. Here is the … Continue reading

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The Measure Of A Man Is The Size Of The Thing It Takes To Get His Goat…

…that was one of mama’s favorite sayings. She wrote it on a small piece of paper, trimmed it with pinking shears (the kind of scissors that cut a saw-toothed line rather than a straight one), and mailed it to me at … Continue reading

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The Barn My Father Built…A Video

The reaction I had to experimenting with video for a grad school assignment this week is the same reaction I had when I listened to a record player for the first time. I was a little over two years old, … Continue reading

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